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1, PayPal

(1) It can be used for recharge balance or direct payment;

(2) Support payment for orders in USD and GBP;

(3) Before recharge or payment, PayPal account and currency should be added to the platform;

(4) Unlimited recharge amount for a single recharge;

(5) Real-time recharge/payment and real-time account arrival.

2. Debit or credit card

(1) Orders can be paid directly;

(2) Support us dollar order payment;

(3) Support debit or credit card payment;

(4) Order refund will be returned to the balance of the account. Cash withdrawal is not supported.

3. Account balance

(1) Balance recharge can be made through PayPal;

(2) The amount of recharge can be used for order payment, which is safe and fast;

(3) The recharge amount can be withdrawn, but only the original route can be returned to the original account.